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Ransom.BSM is a type of ransomware that renames all files in available drives with the .FRS extension. Although it claims that it encrypts files, it really doesn’t; however, it removes permissions set on all files and denies anyone access to them.

Below is the English section of the message it shows affected users:

Is the content of your files not readable? It is normal,because your important files have been encrypted by the “FRS Ransomware”. It means your files are NOT DAMAGED!Your files are just encrypted. From now it is not possible to use your files until they will be decrypted. The only way to decrypt your files safely is use special decryption tool “FRS Decryptor”. Please wait for “FRS Decryptor” to start automatically. If “FRS Decryptor” does not start automatically, open “FRS Decryptor” on the desktop.

It’s possible that there are various versions of this ransomware in the wild, using different addresses to where affected users can send Bitcoins to.


Malwarebytes can remove Ransom.BSM without further user interaction.

Affected users can use the activation code or key below to “decrypt” your files:



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