Short bio

CryptoMix, a combination of CryptXXX and CryptoWall, is a ransomware family that is first spotted on March 2016 and is still spreading via malicious spam campaigns and exploit kits, such as Nuclear, Neutrino, and RIG.


– CryptXXX
– CryptoWall

– CryptFile2
– CryptoShield
– Revenge
– Mole

Ransom file extensions

.AZER .MOLE .rmd
.CK .mole00 .rscl
.CNC .mole02 .scl
.code .mole03 .SHARK
.lesli .rdmk .ZERO

Ransom note files


Malwarebytes users are already protected against the CryptoMix/MOLE ransomware, thanks to our multi-layer defense.