GlobeImposter (Fake Globe) mimics the Globe ransomware variant. It is distributed through malicious spam campaign such as: “Blank Slate” –emails with no message content and an attached zip archive- also via exploits and malicious advertising, fake updates and repacked infected installers.

Adds Extensions:

.crypt, .pizdec, .FIX, .keepcalm, .vdul, .2cXpCihgsVxB3, .write_us_on_email, .medal, .paycyka, .wallet, .3ncrypt3d, .pscrypt, .scorp, .goro, .au1crypt, .s1crypt, .skunk, .happ, .MAKB, .gotham, BRT92, .write_me_[email], .mtk118, .452, .490, 491, .707, .725, ..726, .sea, ..txt, .BONUM, .NIGGA, .rumblegoodboy, .fuck, .granny, .zuzya, .UNLIS,

Ransom note:

HOW_OPEN_FILES.hta, How_to_back_files.html, free_files!.html, how_to_recover_files.html


Malwarebytes users are already protected against GlobeImposter ransomware thanks to our multi-layer defense. Sample: f2d708f9973991fcdd1fa2693fee0c8a


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