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Bitcoin miners use a lot of resources to optimize the earning of the virtual currency. For this reason, threat actors try to use other people’s machines to do the mining for them. This detection warns you that a bitcoin miner is active on your system, but it has no way of checking whether it is working for you or for someone else. That is why these bitcoin miners are detected as riskware.

Riskware, in general, is a detection for items that are not strictly malicious, but pose some sort of risk for the user in another way.

Common infection method

The most common infection method for unsolicited bitcoin miners are bundlers. However, there are many other infection methods in use.


Malwarebytes can remove RiskWare.BitCoinMiner for you if you decide it you want to get rid of it. If you intentionally installed it, you can add it to your exclusions. Here’s how to do it.

Associated threats

  • RiskWare.BCMiner
  • RiskWare.BitCoinMiner.TskLnk  (Scheduled Task)
  • RiskWare.BitCoinMiner.UPX (file packed with UPX)

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