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Trojan.Injector is the generic detection for malware that injects itself into other processes or files. This is a very effective method to hide from the average user.


Malwarebytes can remove Trojan.Injector without user interaction. After the scan and removal, a reboot is required. Malwarebytes will prompt you to do this.

Associated threats

  • Trojan.Injector.AI
  • Trojan.Injector.AutoIt (written in AutoIt)
  • Trojan.Injector.D
  • Trojan.Injector.DE
  • Trojan.Injector.DF
  • Trojan.Injector.DGI
  • Trojan.Injector.DL
  • Trojan.Injector.DLF
  • Trojan.Injector.DLL
  • Trojan.Injector.E
  • Trojan.Injector.MSIL (written in Microsoft intermediate language)
  • Trojan.Injector.RND
  • Trojan.Injector.STLJL
  • Trojan.Injector.UPX (packed with UPX)
  • Trojan.Injector.VB (written in Visual Basic)

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