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This detection is for the Backdoor associated with the Stantiko botnet, which can be used to execute certain operations such as searches, filling out forms, signing up for email lists you’re unaware of, and even allow other backdoor activities. The backdoor has a loader to execute any executable, allowing the threat operators to execute any code on the thousands of machines with this botnet. It contains two malicious Windows services that can reinstall the other if one is deleted. At the moment, it is mainly used for Adfraud.


Because the two malicious Windows services can reinstall the other if one is deleted, both must be deleted at the same time—Malwarebytes can do this. Malwarebytes can remove this threat without further user interaction. However, it is recommended to do a full system scan since this backdoor may have been used to install more malware onto the system. Removal may require a reboot and Malwarebytes will prompt you to do so if needed.

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