Short bio

Worm.Qakbot is a detection for a family of worms that can spread through network shares and removable drives. It gathers information about the affected system and also installs a backdoor, mostly to be used by banking Trojans.

Common infection method

Worm.Qakbot is usually installed by exploit kits.


Malwarebytes protects users from Worm.Qakbot by using real-time protection.

block Worm.Qakbot

Malwarebytes blocks Worm.Qakbot


Malwarebytes can remove Worm.Qakbot without further user interaction. It is recommended, however, to perform a full system scan to check for the presence of the backdoor and the banking Trojan. It is also recommended to change all passwords that could have been stolen from the affected system.

Associated threats

  • Backdoor.Qakbot
  • Worm.Qakbot.Generic
  • Worm.Qakbot.TskLnk


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