We have just released Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit 1.07. This latest version brings in some new features, improvements and bug fixes.

Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit uses a combination of one enforcement layer and three protection layers to block attacks. In this version, we have added new mitigation techniques to stop threats earlier during the exploitation phase.

Last month, we documented how the top exploit kit (Angler EK) had given up on attempting to exploit users running our software.

However, we are not resting on our laurels and still test the exploit kit regardless.

In the example below, we are blocking Angler’s Internet Explorer exploit by stopping a malicious VBScript:


As more and more Office documents are using Macros to deliver malware – in particular the Dridex banking Trojan – we have also hardened our layer 3 protection which focuses on malicious behaviors (i.e. Microsoft Word wants to run an executable):


(Please note that only Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Premium shields Office applications).

In addition to these new features, we have also improved existing ones and fixed bugs. You can download the new version directly from our website.

Here’s the full changelog:

New Features:
 Added new Layer1 exploit mitigations for ROP detection
 Added new Layer1 exploit mitigations for IE VB scripting
 Added new Layer3 exploit mitigations for Powershell abuse
 Added telemetry from Firefox & Chrome
 Added ability to edit custom shields
 Added ability to log protection events to UI
 Added ability to auto-upgrade corporate builds
 Added support for Windows 10
 Added blacklisting of pirated and fraudulent license keys

 Improved Java shield in corporate environments
 Improved exploit telemetry
 Removed duplicate default shields for portable browsers

 Fixed issue when printing to Adobe PDF
 Fixed issue with Speedbit Download Accelerator
 Fixed issue with plugins from PowerDVD and GAS Tecnologia
 Fixed issue with certain exclusions not respected
 Fixed issue with Knowledge Coach Office Add-In
 Fixed issue with false positive from IE
 Fixed issue with Foxit Reader startup
 Fixed issue with Excel PowerQuery
 Fixed issue with Excel DEP Enforcement