Lock and Code S1Ep7: Sounding the trumpet on web browser privacy with Pieter Arntz - This week on Lock and Code, we talk to Pieter Arntz about web browser privacy—an often neglected subcategory of data privacy.
Lock and Code S1Ep6: Recognizing facial recognition’s flaws with Chris Boyd - We talk to Chris Boyd at Malwarebytes about facial recognition technology—its history, its failures in accuracy, and whether it will ever be
Lock and Code S1Ep5: Mythbusting and understanding VPNs with JP Taggart - This week on Lock and Code, we discuss the top security headlines generated right here on Labs and around the Internet. In addition, we talk to JP Taggart, senior security researcher at Malwarebytes, about VPNs—debunking their myths, explaining their actual capabilities, and providing some advice on what makes a strong VPN.
Lock and Code S1Ep4: coronavirus and responding to computer viruses with Akshay Bhargava - We cover the week's security headlines plus talk with Malwarebytes CPO Akshay Bhargava about the similarities in responding to computer viruses vs. real-life pandemics in episode 4 of Lock and Code.
Lock and Code S1Ep3: Dishing on data privacy with Adam Kujawa - This week on the Lock and Code podcast, we talk with Labs director Adam Kujawa about the state of data privacy today, plus cover the security headlines of the week, including coronavirus scams, credit card skimmers, and more coronavirus.
Lock and Code S1Ep2: On the challenges of managed service providers - On episode 2 of Lock and Code, we discuss the latest security news, including how to secure remote workers, security conferences cancelled because of coronavirus, and Google Play's poor performance on stopping malware. Plus, we speak to two MSP representatives on the daily challenges of managing thousands of endpoints.
Lock and Code S1Ep1: On RSA, the human element, and the week in security - We look at all the interesting security news from last week's RSA Conference and beyond, plus present the first episode of our brand-new podcast: Lock and Code.
Introducing Lock and Code: a Malwarebytes Labs podcast - Malwarebytes is launching a podcast, called Lock and Code, on Monday, March 2, breaking down cybersecurity headlines and diving into complex issues with guest interviews. Tune in every two weeks.

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