The Technology Entrepreneur Center, or TEC Center for short, held their
annual Silicon Valley Workshop and invited Malwarebytes and CEO Marcin
Kleczynski, who is a University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
alumnus, to take part.

Speaking to a majority of engineering students, Marcin relayed his
experience of going to school while simultaneously running a company.

“Prioritize,” Marcin reiterated. “Prioritize or you’ll go crazy.”

Stressing the importance of staying in school and to build in some “me”
time, the students listened and picked Marcin’s brain about various
topics ranging from Malwarebytes’ place in the security vector to why
he chose to get a degree even though he’s already built a successful

“My mom,” Marcin said with a laugh. “I got it for her mostly but for
myself also.”

The TEC Center selected the top 30
students of University of Illinois from a record 240 applications for
this yearly event.

Fourteen attendees have started their own company.

TEC provides students and faculty with the skills, resources and
experiences necessary to become successful innovators, entrepreneurs
and leaders who tackle grand challenges and change the world.

In addition to Malwarebytes, this year’s talks included the likes of
Yelp, Optimizely, TinyPrint and BitTorrent.