Google Chrome zero-day: Now is the time to update and restart your browser

A particularly dangerous Google Chrome zero-day is already being used in real-world attacks. Despite Google’s auto update feature, users will need to close and restart their browser in order to be protected.

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New Flash Player zero-day used against Russian facility

An APT group is using a new Flash Player zero-day that was used a lure targeting a Russian-based clinic

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Adobe Reader zero-day discovered alongside Windows vulnerability

A new Adobe Reader zero-day exploit has been discovered, including a full sandbox escape.

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Internet Explorer zero-day: browser is once again under attack

Internet Explorer is yet again leveraged for a zero-day exploit delivered via Office document—the first zero-day observed for IE in over two years.

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A week in security (September 11 – September 17)

A compilation of security news and blog posts from the 11th – 17th September. We look at 0days, more Equifax developments, our usual smattering of blog posts, and more!

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PSA: New Microsoft Word 0day used in the wild

Read more about the latest Microsoft Word Zero-Day and how to protect yourself against it.

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Tor Browser zero-day strikes again

A new zero-day has been found in the wild and was used against the popular Tor Browser. This exploit was meant to leak information about users, such as their IP address.

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