Stripchat bot spells block

Learn why Malwarebytes is blocking a sub-domain of an adult website.

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Adware vs. ad fraud

We explain what adware and ad fraud are and point out the differences by discussing the methods and the classification of the malware that is involved.

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Snapchat rebrands, introduces new ad platform and hardware

Snapchat is now called Snap Inc. CEO Evan Spiegel talks about 3V advertising, the platform his company adapted for ad monetization. Then he unveils a new “toy” you can wear like Google Glass, but works more like GoPro. Boom.

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“Your Android is Expired!”

We take a look at a dubious advert redirect currently in circulation.

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Advertising Brokers: A Background Information

Provides background information about advertisement brokers, the men and women that are in the middle of web advertising between sites and advertisers.

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