Bloomberg blunder highlights supply chain risks

A potentially erroneous report from Bloomberg claimed that Chinese spies were able to infiltrate US hardware supplier Supermicro, and therefore, our technology supply chain. Learn how this unverified story could ultimately come true—and what, if anything, can be done to stop it.

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Researchers discover vulnerabilities in smart assistants’ voice commands

Security researchers have now found new ways to exploit voice recognition weaknesses in your favorite home device: smart assistants. You may want to listen in.

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Amazon third party sellers: A new threat

On Monday, the Wall Street Journal reported a wave of hijacked Amazon seller accounts that proceeded to fleece buyers for large sums of money. As reported here, attackers would use credentials harvested from other breaches to take over the account, then either simply redirect funds to their own deposit account or create lots of fake…

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Twitter app spams Fappening bait and Amazon surveys

With news of another so-called Fappening (nude photos of celebrities distributed without permission) doing the rounds, it was inevitable that scammers would look to take advantage. We’ve already seen message board aficionados warn others of dodgy download links and random Zipfiles claiming to contain stolen nude photos and video clips, but today we’re going to look…

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Spam: “Your $100 Amazon Prime credit will expire”

We look at a piece of spam claiming 100$ of Amazon Prime credit will soon be lost if not used in a hurry…

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Fake Amazon Mail Phishes for Login, Payment Information

Steer clear of this Amazon phishing attempt which mashes up payment information theft and the promise of a “quick buck”.

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Safe Browsing Scam: From Amazon to Rackspace

From Amazon to Rackspace, these tech support scam campaigns keep taunting victims.

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Fake Amazon UK Mail Asks You to Verify Your Account After “Breach”

There is an Amazon phishing scam currently making rounds, so you better keep an eye on your inboxes, assuming your spam traps haven’t picked up on this one yet.

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Rogue E-Books Could Pose Threat to Amazon Accounts

A security researcher reports a potential issue with rogue e-book injecting malicious code into victims’ Amazon Kindle library.

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