Fake Fortnite for Android links found on YouTube

The extremely popular video game Fortnite is coming to Android sometime this summer, and the fanbase is going wild. Not surprisingly, mobile malware developers are taking advantage. Already, there are several videos on YouTube with links claiming to be versions of Fortnite for Android. Spoiler alert: they’re fake.

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Mobile Menace Monday: A race to hidden ads

A bike racing game on Google Play locks users’ screens, displays full-screen ads, and is notoriously difficult to uninstall. It’s no wonder Android game reviewers demand to know how to get rid of it. We show you how.

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Mobile Menace Monday: re-emergence of a fake Android AV

Way back in early 2013, a new antivirus (AV) company emerged into the mobile security software industry that had everyone perplexed. It seemed like a fake Android AV, but received certification by a reputable AV testing organization! Now, five years later, it’s back. Here’s why you shouldn’t trust it.

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Mobile Menace Monday: Fake WhatsApp can steal info from your phone

WhatsApp Plus has the potential to steal information, as it is a variant of Android/PUP.Riskware.Wtaspin.GB, a fake Whatsapp riskware that dates back to mid-2017.

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A week in security (March 26 – April 01)

A roundup of notable security news from March 26 to April 1, including data breaches, encryption, exploit kits, and more.

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