Phony WhatsApp used Unicode to slip under Google’s radar

After a troubling week for Google not so long ago, the company is under the spotlight once more for missing a phony Whatsapp that, after further investigation by several members of Reddit, was found laden with adware.

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Bypassing Apple’s Gatekeeper

Ever since Apple first introduced Gatekeeper, malware creators have been trying to find a way around it.

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XcodeGhost malware infiltrates App Store

In the largest breach of Apple’s App Store history, a new malware called XcodeGhost has spread to 39+ known apps in the iOS App Store.

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Ad2Store redirections: the latest annoyance for mobile users

Aggressive online ads are redirecting mobile users to App Store or Play Store download page.

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Jekyll App Sneaks into Apple’s App Store

Researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology discovered a way to circumvent Apple’s “walled gates” and get an app with malicious behaviors past Apple’s review process. Dubbed “Jekyll Apps”, these apps look benign on the surface but contain hidden code revealed at run-time.

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