Apple pulls Facebook enterprise certificate

After an app using an internal-only certificate from Facebook made its way into the outside world, Apple has responded by pulling Facebook’s developer certificate with immediate consequences for the social media giant.

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Twitter app spams Fappening bait and Amazon surveys

With news of another so-called Fappening (nude photos of celebrities distributed without permission) doing the rounds, it was inevitable that scammers would look to take advantage. We’ve already seen message board aficionados warn others of dodgy download links and random Zipfiles claiming to contain stolen nude photos and video clips, but today we’re going to look…

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“Exclusive” Fallout 4 iOS Release Banished to the Wasteland

We take a look at an iOS app which claims to be an “exclusive” release of the recently released console and PC RPG Fallout 4.

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“Your Recent Purchase with your Apple ID”…

We take a look at a rather well done phish on the hunt for an Apple ID.

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Facebook Apps Phish Wants Government Approved ID

A phish on a Facebook apps URL wants your Government issued ID…

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Facebook Phishing via Apps is Alive and Well

Phishing pages are on the rise on Facebook. The pages range from securing one’s Facebook account, to changing its colour, to grabbing a thousand or more friends.

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WhatsApp Elegant Gold Hits the Digital Catwalk

Will WhatsApp Elegant Gold be the hottest trend on the Internet Runway this Summer, or is this one fashion trend you should look to avoid?

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“See who visits your Twitter Profile” Spam: Blink and you’ll miss it

A furtive spambot and a two hit combo of Twitter apps and downloadable files. How long will the spambot evade the ban hammer?

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Facebook Red Rides Again

Facebook Red returns in a splash of colour and Facebook apps.

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