Panic attack: Apple scams apply pressure

We take a look at some of the many vaguely threatening/panic-inducing attempts by Apple scams to phish potential victims. Featuring emails, texts, and…Edward Snowden?!

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Interesting disguise employed by new Mac malware HiddenLotus

A new piece of Mac malware called HiddenLotus is using a clever new trick to fool users into opening it.

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Yet another flaw in Apple’s “iamroot” bug fix

Flaws in Apple’s response to the “iamroot” vulnerability show that some systems can remain vulnerable even after applying the patch.

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Serious macOS vulnerability exposes the root user

A major macOS vulnerability in High Sierra was reported. Anyone can log in as “root” with an empty password. Learn more.

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A new kind of Apple phishing scam

A new method for phishing Apple ID passwords on iOS would be indistinguishable from a real iOS password request—what are the ramifications?

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