Augmented Reality games and real-world trolling

The popular Augmented Reality game Ingress has had some issues with third-party tools causing headaches for players. Could your love for a mobile game result in real-world problems? Read on and find out.

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Five ways to stay safe online while playing Pokémon Go

No one has expected to see a mobile gaming app become so popular so fast and affect people the way it has. Indeed, the introduction of Pokémon Go—plus the sharp rise of popularity of augmented reality—has opened a lot of opportunities for cross-industry innovation and growth. Unfortunately, it’s not all fun and games for every player and those caught in the experience of others.

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Pokemon GO: Pokecoins survey scams choose you

Virtual reality is when you wear a helmet and flail your arms around at a computer generated game, hopefully without walking into a wall. Augmented reality is when you overlay computer generated elements onto the real world, using eyeglasses or looking down your phone, hopefully without falling over a fence. Pokemon GO is a mobile game which lets you hunt for Pokemon in the real world, capture them and do battle with your new pets. Augmented reality games which encourage you to walk around doing things have been around for some time, but Pokemon GO is perhaps the first such title to go mainstream. With it, we see some unintended consequences…

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