Barclays Bank customers targeted by phishers

Scammers go phishing for Barclays Bank customer details. Here’s what to avoid…

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Australians beware: myGov phishing on the prowl

We look at a myGov phish which has been doing the rounds recently. There’s even some peculiar antics going on late into the phish – shall we take a look?

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Here’s your unlimited ATM card

A scam about an unlimited and blank ATM card has been doing the rounds for a few months now, probably following the news about the ATM heist in Taiwan that was successful in a way, but didn’t end too well for most of the participants, as they did get caught.

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Avoid: BofA, Wells Fargo SMS phishing

It always pays to train a wary eye on your text messages, as conniving phishers don’t always stick to the tried and tested route of email scams. We take a look at a pair of SMS phishes sent directly to a mobile device – if you bank with Wells Fargo or Bank of America, these are two to watch out for.

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Scammers sneak into customer support conversations on Twitter

We’ve looked at the social engineering tactic of inserting a fake account into a conversation with legitimate support channels in the past, and today – thanks to Techhelplist – we can observe another one, this time going after Natwest bank logins. See how Twitter scammers are trying to steer potential victims away from legitimate support channels to phishing websites.

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