Fake FBI mail: “Send us $112 or we’ll lock your iCloud account”

Steer clear of this fake FBI message regarding your “locked” iCloud account. It’s nothing more than a get rich quick scam, and the people behind it are looking to cash in at your expense.

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From a fake wallet to a Java RAT

We take a look at Adwind, one of the most popular Java Remote Administration Tool. This RAT was distributed via a phishing email and amongst other things, can steal credentials or capture screenshots on the infected machine.

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The curious case of a Sundown EK variant dropping a Cryptocurrency Miner (updated)

A strange variant or copycat of Sundown EK drops an unexpected payload that we decided to look deeper into.

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Inside Chimera Ransomware – the first ‘doxingware’ in wild

Ransomware have proven to be a good source of money for cybercriminals. The Chimera ransomware comes with several ideas that are novel and may slowly become a new trend.

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“For me? You shouldn’t have. No, really…”

What happens when data makes an unexpected appearance in the most unlikely of places? Quite a lot, as it turns out.

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