New Golang brute forcer discovered amid rise in e-commerce attacks

E-commerce sites are a hot commodity these days. We dig into how compromised PCs are helping to hack into them to inject skimmers, whether via vulnerabilities in the websites themselves or through a new malware we discovered gaining entry via brute force.

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Avzhan DDoS bot dropped by Chinese drive-by attack

The Avzhan DDoS bot is back in the wild again, this time being dropped by a Chinese drive-by attack. In this post, we’ll take a deep dive into its functionality and compare the sample we captured with the one described in the past.

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Drive-by cryptomining campaign targets millions of Android users

Android users have been exposed to drive-by cryptomining in one of the largest campaigns that we have detected so far.

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More trouble in Google Play land

After our mobile security experts repeatedly discovered adware on several apps on the Google Play store, our friends at Symantec have unearthed at least eight malicious apps that are found capable of adding affected mobile devices to a botnet.

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A week in security (Jan 08 – Jan 14)

A compilation of notable security news and blog posts from the 8th of January to the 14th. This week, we look back at sponsored tweets that phish, fake Word documents that download and execute a bot, ad fraud, and, yes, selfies.

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Floki Bot and the stealthy dropper

Floki Bot, described recently by Dr. Peter Stephenson from SC Magazine is yet another bot, based on the leaked Zeus code. However, the author came up with various custom modifications that makes it more interesting.

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