Tech support scams, stolen data, and botnets

We’ve found a scam in a box company that also offers intelligence leads. That is, they’ll sell you the scam and point you at the most vulnerable targets first.

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Inside Neutrino botnet builder

We recently found a leaked package containing a Neutrino botnet builder. Although it’s not the latest version, as usually is the case, it still provided a lot of information that helped in our comparative analysis with samples that are actively distributed nowadays.

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It’s been 15 years since the infamous ILOVEYOU (Love Letter) email virus, but despite the warnings, billions of dollars in damages, and countless attacks attributed to email, users have yet to learn the dangers of downloading unsolicited attachments.

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Unusual Exploit Kit Targets Chinese Users (Part 2)

Recently, our researchers discovered a new exploit kit targeting Chinese users, along with a new botnet we call “Chinad”.

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Android Botnets Hop on the TOR Train

Cyber criminals can infiltrate your mobile devices with the just discovered first “TOR Trojan for Android”.

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