Fireball Chinese malware and you

By now, you might have heard about an adware infection operation that has allegedly spread to 250 million systems called Fireball. The threat intelligence and research teams at Check Point wrote a blog post last week describing the operation, what the threat does the system and the alarming potential the malware has for doing some serious damage. We delve into the worst case scenario with this situation and how to remove Fireball if you are infected.

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Rogue Google Chrome Extension Spies On You

A fake calculator extension monitors your web browsing.

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FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION is a setting that controls which Internet Explorer version certain browser controls should mimic. Although popular with browser hijackers and other adware, it is not a risk by itself.

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“INTUIT Security Warning” Emails Lead to Fake Browser Update Malware

Steer clear of these fake Quickbooks themed emails which claim you need to update your browser as part of an “Intuit Security Warning”.

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DynamicPricer PUP disables browser updates

DynamicPricer is an adware application installed by bundlers that also installs an old version of Chrome and disables updates for Chrome and Firefox.

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