Apple’s FaceTime privacy bug allowed possible spying

A new bug in Apple’s FaceTime app that allowed for possible spying has the Internet in an uproar. Do Apple users need to disable FaceTime immediately? Mac expert Thomas Reed swoops in as the voice of reason.

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A week in security (December 10 – 16)

A roundup of last week’s security news from December 10–16, including facial recognition technology, abandoned USB sticks, even more trouble at Facebook, Google bugs, and more.

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Humble Bundle alerts customers to subscription reveal bug

Humble Bundle is sending emails to subscribers due to information being revealed by a bug. How bad it is? We take a look.

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Use TeamViewer? Fix this dangerous permissions bug with an update

A potentially dangerous permissions bug in TeamViewer grants unauthorised access to either the client or the server—and patches may take up to a week to fully roll out.

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iPhone Crash: What You Need To Know

A bug in iOS 8.3 crashes users iPhones and Apple Watch after receiving a message notification containing specific special characters.

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UPDATE: Apple in hot water after SSL/TLS validation fiasco

A security flaw affecting certain versions of iOS and OS X devices lets others eavesdrop on all your HTTPS encrypted traffic.

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Facebook bug bounty program pays highest reward to date

Facebook awards a Brazilian Security Engineer for his working finding a potential RCE vulnerability.

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iOS7 and iPhone 5s in the news, but for the wrong reasons

Apple’s release of iOS7 and the new iPhones are making headlines all over this past week, but for the wrong reasons.

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