‘FakeUpdates’ campaign leverages multiple website platforms

Browser update? Do not trust, and do verify before downloading potential malware.

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Tech support scammers find new way to jam Google Chrome (updated)

Browsers are usually the first point of contact between victims and threat actors. With a few bits of code, crooks manage once again to freeze Google Chrome and scare users into calling for assistance.

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New Chrome and Firefox extensions block their removal to hijack browsers

Two new extensions in Firefox and Chrome force install then hide from the user. Learn how you can protect yourself against them and remove them manually.

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Mobile Menace Monday: Chrome declares war on unwanted redirects

Google initiates their plans to implement new changes in Chrome to defend against annoying web redirects.

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Explained: user agent

This post explains the pros and cons of using user agents when browsing the world wide web. What does it reveal and why?

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