Mobile Menace Monday: Chrome declares war on unwanted redirects

Google initiates their plans to implement new changes in Chrome to defend against annoying web redirects.

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Explained: user agent

This post explains the pros and cons of using user agents when browsing the world wide web. What does it reveal and why?

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A week in security (May 22 – May 28)

Last week we informed you about several new threats, here is a roundup of our posts and other noteworthy cybersecurity news.

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Stealing Windows credentials using Google Chrome

This article explains how Chrome users are at risk of spilling their Microsoft Authentication credentials by simply visiting the wrong site.

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A story of fonts by the EITest HoeflerText campaign

The HoeflerText campaign is known for a fake font download that delivers the Spora ransomware. But did you know it also uses special characters in the dropper’s file name?

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