Rogue Chrome extension pushes tech support scam

Google Chrome may be one of the more secure browsers but an increasing number of malicious extensions are being forced onto users. The one we analyze can hide itself and receive commands from a remote server in order to hijack the browser with incessant offers, fraud and even tech support scams.

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Avoid these “Free Minecraft / Garry’s Mod” adverts

If you see ads claiming to offer up free games like Garry’s Mod or Minecraft, you may wish to think twice – you’ll definitely get an extension, you may receive an executable, but free Minecraft? Keep searching, intrepid gamer…

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Forced into installing a Chrome extension

We have found several sites created for the sole purpose of attempting to force users to install a Chrome extension. These sites are usually redirects from domains that offer cracks, keygens, and adult entertainment.

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Youndoo creates new Chrome profile

A new Youndoo hijacker from the Elex family copies most of the settings from an existing Chrome user account to create a fake, infected one.

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Imitation uBlock Origin app spotted on Chrome Store

Today, one of our researchers noticed a fake version of uBlock Origin, uploaded on the 29th of September, on the Chrome Web Store. If ever you find yourself searching for the said app within the store, you’ll want to avoid imitations.

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