Tech support scams and Google Chrome tricks

In this article we take a look at some tricks that target Google Chrome users to dupe them with the infamous tech support scam pop ups. In particular, we examine the fake address bar and alert dialogs which people have come to trust and yet can be deceiving.

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The next generation Yontoo browser hijackers

We take a closer look at the new versions of the Yontoo browser hijackers making the switch from targeting Firefox to Chrome.

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Rogue Google Chrome Extension Spies On You

A fake calculator extension monitors your web browsing.

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Ghostery: A Tool that Stops Trackers

Ghostery is available on their website for many browsers and operating systems. In this article, we took a closer look at this extension for Chrome.

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“WinYahoo” PUP Modifies Chrome Secure Preferences

An interesting PUP known as “WinYahoo” modifies secure settings in Chrome undetected and hijacks browser settings while also installing rogue extensions.

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