A week in security (August 26 – September 1)

A roundup of the latest cybersecurity news for the week of August 26-September 1 including xHelper Trojan, Nextdoor app, clickjacking problem, investing cybersecurity, and iPhone malware

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Study explores clickjacking problem across top Alexa-ranked websites

We look at recent research exploring the threat of clickjacking, along with other solutions considered by site owners and analysts for protecting users against these online attacks.

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Malvertising campaign leads to DoubleClick ad fraud

Malvertising isn’t only used to infect users via drive-by downloads or to deceitfully push fake software updates. A campaign currently going on via the TrafficHolder adult ad platform leverages the promise of raunchy videos to lure people into ad fraud. The trick is simple and yet effective. While browsing, users are automatically redirected to what appears to be YouTube for adult content.

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