Australia’s Early Warning Network compromised

An Australian Early Warning System notifying subscribers of severe weather alerts was compromised over the weekend, with messages sent across a variety of formats. What did the hackers get up to? And why did they do it?

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Red Hen website suffers SEO spam compromise

A website belonging to an eatery currently making waves in the news has been compromised with SEO spam. We take a look at what’s happened, and explain what the hackers are up to.

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It’s a hard life for phishers

Phishing URL compromise is surprisingly common, as many phish pages are fully expected to have a short shelf life. Of course, having a site taken down isn’t the only thing making life difficult for phishers. As you’ll see, it’s often the least of their worries given the surprisingly plentiful ways people want to celebrate International Give a Phisher a Headache Day.

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NASA Kepler Twitter feed compromised…

Any Twitter feed can become a target for a compromise – even NASA…

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COMELEC breach data released online, fully searchable

The COMELEC hack, which involved a breach of up to 55 million people’s personal information in the Philippines, is now fully searchable.

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Thousands of Hacked Sites Lead to Offer of Famous Spy Software

Users who are after tips on how to hack Facebook accounts may find themselves looking at a popular tool made to monitor activities of potentially misbehaving kids and cheating partners.

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Ashley Madison Compromised, 37 Million Users Left Panicking

Online liason site Ashley Madison has been compromised by hackers threatening to release customer data unless the site stays offline. This one won’t end well…

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Be Careful on your (Digital) Travels

Come to Bogor, but maybe wait a while before checking out potential places to visit.

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A history lesson brought to you by the Nuclear exploit kit

During our malware investigations, we are often learning about new techniques or ways the bad guys try to bypass us. But sometimes, we also experience cultural differences or discover some new things about people or countries. Today is such as case, with a bit of a geography lesson brought to us by the RIG exploit kit which takes us to Croatia.

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