Ransomware dominates the threat landscape

Ransomware! Ransom Software! Encrypting Ransomware! AHHH! No doubt the last year exposed you to this term numerous times and I doubt any of it was in reference to a good event. So, you might wonder why you have been hearing about it so much, truth be told Ransomware has been a pain in the side of computer security folks for nearly four years now. But it feels like this year, so far, specifically has been the “Year of the Ransom” — just like the year before we had “Year of the Breach.”

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When URL Shorteners and Ransomware Collide

URL shortening services and Ransomware can be a problematic combination…

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Tracking the Locker

CryptoLocker has infected over 34,000 systems between September and early November with 79% of the infections have been located in the U.S. alone.

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CryptoLocker ups the ante, demands $2,000 for overdue ransom

The criminals behind CryptoLocker that encrypts all your personal files are now offering a late payment option, albeit at a higher cost.

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Cryptolocker ransomware: what you need to know

Cryptolocker is a nasty ransomware that encrypts infected users’ personal files. Using Malwarebytes Premium will keep you safe.

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