World Cup 2018: malware attacks gunning for goal

The World Cup is in full swing, and attackers are busy both on and off the pitch. Which of the competing nations are under fire from malware authors? Who is sailing through qualifying rounds mostly untouched? What are the most popular threats in the midst of the biggest footballing nations? Read on to find out.

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Cybersecurity New Year’s resolutions, you say? Why not.

It’s no surprise that our resolutions are usually about health, finances, relationships, and self-improvement. As all of us live digital lives, too, why not think up cybersecurity New Year’s resolution that concern our online health and safety?

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When cybersecurity isn’t all cyber: What does it really take to work in cybersecurity?

Although lucrative and future-proof, being part of the cybersecurity workforce doesn’t just require one to be knowledgeable about code, network topologies, or social engineering tactics. People are still the most critical part of a business’s security process.

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