Huge breach affects 9 million Cathay Pacific customers

Airline company Cathay Pacific revealed that a huge breach took place in March 2018, affecting around 9 million customers. We take a look at some of the potential fallout.

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A week in security (July 16 – July 22)

A round up of the security news from July 16 – July 22, including the release of our quarterly Cybercrime tactics and techniques report, breaches, airport security, bug bounties, and more.

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Major data breaches at Adidas, Ticketmaster pummel web users

There’s been a number of major data breaches and leaks revealed in the last few days, and we take a look at three of the biggest: Adidas, Ticketmaster, and marketing firm Exactis.

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What Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica problem means for your data

Facebook is in the spotlight, as the recent Cambridge Analytica story involving millions of users’ data continues to melt news servers around the world. We strip away the complications and tell you exactly what happened, and why you may want to reconsider your use of social media platforms in 2018.

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Plugging a virtual leak: insecure VR app exposes customer data

Until a recent fix was applied, users of the VR pornography app SinVR could have found their subscriber information up for grabs.

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