Spotlight on Troldesh ransomware, aka ‘Shade’

Troldesh is ransomware that relies heavily on user interaction. Nevertheless, a recent spike in detections shows it’s been successful against businesses in the first few months of 2019.

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Encryption 101: Decryptor’s thought process

In this part of the encryption 101 series, we will begin wrapping it up by going into detail on a ransomware with weak encryption and walking through step-by-step the thought process of creating a decryptor for it.

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Bye, bye Petya! Decryptor for old versions released.

This post shows you how to use the special decryptor for the petya family: Petya, Msicha, and Goldeneye. Not suitable for copycats of these.

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A stolen version of DMA Locker is making the rounds

Pirated versions of DMA-locker are doing the rounds, but there is some good news. All the encrypted data can be decrypted with the same key and we can give it to you.

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WannaDecrypt your files? The WannaCry solution, for some

A decryptor (Wanakiwi) that has been developed for WannaCry/WannaCrypt/wCrypt. There is a catch though, it only works for some operating systems.

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From a fake wallet to a Java RAT

We take a look at Adwind, one of the most popular Java Remote Administration Tool. This RAT was distributed via a phishing email and amongst other things, can steal credentials or capture screenshots on the infected machine.

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A week in security (Nov 20 – Nov 26)

A compilation of notable security news and blog posts from the 20th of November to the 26th. This week, we talked about PrincessLocker, ransomware decryptors, malvertising on the Mac, and the Windows Firewall.

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Decrypting Chimera ransomware

We take a technical look at validating the leaked Chimera ransomware keys as well as if we can decrypt files with these keys.

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