Trojans: What’s the real deal?

We take a fresh look at Trojans: the history of the term, the most popular threats over the years, the different types of Trojans, and their relationship with social engineering.

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Malware analysis: decoding Emotet, part 2

In part two of our series on decoding Emotet, we analyze the PowerShell code flow and structure. We also reconstruct the command-line arguments—for fun!

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A week in security (Feb 6th – Feb 12th)

A round up of the last week’s notable security stories.

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PUP Friday: Let’s talk generic

For this PUP Friday post, we’re going to look into PUPs that we can simply classify as “Downloaders”. We have sampled a bundler offering the program called Internet Download Manager, which is capable of downloading other files we detect as PUP and connects to sites leading to suspicious destinations.

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Smoke Loader – downloader with a smokescreen still alive

This time we will have a look at another payload from recent RIG EK campaign. It is Smoke Loader (also known as Dofoil), a bot created several years ago. One of its early versions was advertised on the black marker in 2011.

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From Locky with love – reading malicious attachments

Read on to learn how the latest downloaders used to deliver Locky ransomware and show how to statically decipher their hidden URLs.

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