Exploit kits: Spring 2018 review

In this Spring 2018 snapshot, we review the top exploit kits observed in the wild.

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Magnitude exploit kit switches to GandCrab ransomware

After being faithful to its own Magniber ransomware for several months, Magnitude EK joins others to adopt GandCrab.

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Hermes ransomware distributed to South Koreans via recent Flash zero-day

An uncommon exploit kit adds a fresh Flash Player exploit to distribute the Hermes ransomware in South Korea.

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Drive-by download campaign targets Chinese websites, experiments with exploits

This custom made drive-by download attack targets some Chinese websites and their visitors while experimenting with exploits.

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Disdain exploit kit and a side of social engineering deliver Neutrino Bot

Exploits may not be enough as threat actors combine them with social engineering in a new Disdain exploit kit attack method.

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