Exploit kits: spring 2019 review

In this edition, we review active and unique exploit kits hitting consumers and businesses over the spring season.

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Exploit kits: winter 2019 review

We review the top exploit kits in this winter 2019 snapshot.

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Exploit kits: fall 2018 review

With a fresh exploit kit in town, the drive-by download landscape shows new signs of life in fall 2018.

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Exploit kits: summer 2018 review

Just like the beach, the EK landscape got a little crowded this summer. Find out what we discovered in our exploit kits summer review.

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Exploit kits: Spring 2018 review

In this Spring 2018 snapshot, we review the top exploit kits observed in the wild.

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Exploit kits: Winter 2018 review

In this Winter 2018 review, we check the pulse of exploit kits and their latest developments.

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What are exploits? (And why you should care)

At one point in the not-so-distant past, exploits were responsible for delivering 80 percent of malware to people’s systems. But exploits seem to be experiencing a lull today. Does this mean they’re gone for good or is this simply the calm before the storm? Let’s break down this stealthy threat so you can not only know your enemy, but also be appropriately prepared should the exploit attacks return.

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Malvertising campaign delivers two exploit kits, same payload

In this malvertising campaign, both RIG EK and Sundown EK are used to deliver the same threat, an indication that the actor behind it is either testing or maximizing infection rates.

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