Leaving Laptops in Hotel Rooms: A Bad Idea

Do you keep the security of your devices in mind while out and about? Be aware of the risks, and behold a rare example of the so-called “Evil Maid” attack.

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Blackphone, privacy centric device

Do you want a phone that is privacy centric? Then maybe the Blackphone is for you.

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The PirateBox, Revisited

The PirateBox leaning curve was steep but it’s now a lot easier with the project’s recent major update and revamp including new features.

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One VPN To Rule Them All!

If you want to anonymize your traffic, one of the cheapest option is to set up your own VPN. Learn how.

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DissidentX a Steganography Tool From Bittorrent Creator

Author of BitTorrent protocol develops new steganographic tool called DissidentX.

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