Announcing Malwarebytes 3.0, a next-generation antivirus replacement

Announcing the launch of our next-generation online security product, Malwarebytes 3.0! This product is built to provide comprehensive protection against today’s sophisticated threats so that you can finally replace your traditional antivirus software.

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AdGholas malvertising: business as usual

The AdGholas malvertising group was once again exposed after a short summer interruption. We review the highlights of this high impact campaign that flew under the radar for over three months.

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Malware taking advantage of Android OS exploits, again: Gooligan

Gooligan is a mobile malware targeting Android OS devices, many of which are susceptible to long known exploits, such as VROOT (CVE-2013-6282) and Towelroot (CVE-2014-3153).

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New wave of malvertising leverages latest Flash exploit

A well known malvertising gang famous for its use of the fingerprinting technique and other evasion tricks to bypass security checks has been ramping up its activity against many different ad platforms to push malware via top websites. The setup for these malvertising attacks relies on a combination of techniques that start with the fraudulent advertiser choosing a victim, typically a legitimate website in the retail, or legal business.

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Botched Flash 0day Gets Patched

Exploit Kit authors implement new Flash exploit that was an actual 0day.

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