Malicious gaming extensions: a child’s play to infection

Some gaming portals have been preying on children to get their malicious extensions installed. They use targeted advertizing and offer (already) free games as a reward for installing their adware.

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New Chrome and Firefox extensions block their removal to hijack browsers

Two new extensions in Firefox and Chrome force install then hide from the user. Learn how you can protect yourself against them and remove them manually.

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Adware the series, part 1

In this series, we will be using the below flowchart to follow the process of determining which adware we are dealing with. The idea is to give you an idea of how many different types of adware are around for Windows systems.

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Avoid these “Free Minecraft / Garry’s Mod” adverts

If you see ads claiming to offer up free games like Garry’s Mod or Minecraft, you may wish to think twice – you’ll definitely get an extension, you may receive an executable, but free Minecraft? Keep searching, intrepid gamer…

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Browser Extensions and Facebook Profile Viewers

We recently saw a website – thousandssa(dot)pw – offering up a Facebook Profile Visitor browser extension: “Profile views * Instantly see who is viewing your profile * Check how many photo views you have * It’s completely free” Long time readers will know anything related to profile views on social networks will set alarm bells ringing,…

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