Malware “Eko” affecting French Facebook users

French Facebook users have been falling victim to a new Facebook Messenger “Trojan horse” arriving into their private message (PM) inboxes from network contacts.

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Brad Pitt subject of new hoax after split with Jolie

Facebook has once again become the inadvertent launchpad of another celebrity death hoax campaign, luring fans of celebrity couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie within the network to click potentially harmful links not a day long after the news of their divorce has hit mainstream media.

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IT companies unite against illegal online hate speech

Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Microsoft have taken up the mantle to curb harmful speech on their platforms. The latest company to join this cause is Instagram, the popular image-sharing social media network among teens.

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A week in security (Sep 04 – Sep 10)

A compilation of notable security news and blog posts from September 4th to September 10th. This week, we talked about a fake Pokémon Go app, a Mac OSX junk app, and some new Google Safe Browsing updates.

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Blurry previews and Facebook phishing

Here’s a Facebook phish which uses the incredibly old technique of blurring the supposed page underneath the login prompt. This is supposed to tantalise victims with what they could see if only they hand over login details. This tactic has been around from Facebook and Tumblr all the way back to Myspace, most typically in the form of the infamous “See who visited your page” type scams of yesteryear.

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