“Copyright Violation” Facebook Phish

Copyright claims and account verification make this Facebook phish a little unusual.

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Facebook Video Spam Teases Adult Videos…and Leaked iPhone?

Be reminded that this may not be our first “hot video” to find out there, but it surely won’t be the last.

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More Fake Facebook “Security System Page” Scams

We take a look at some variations on the same kind of Facebook scam currently doing the rounds.

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Facebook “Page Disabled” Phish Wants your Card Details

This Facebook phish wants some payment details along with your Facebook login. Typos and errors abound, but will it be enough to deter potential victims?

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Facebook Phishers Lure Users with Free Video App

Recently, we’ve seen a phishing campaign that baits users with a free “Facebook video application”. It’s specifically targeting users who understand Spanish.

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