“Federal Ministry of Agriculture” 419 spam

This is just a short heads up to advise you to ignore the below missive, which is currently landing in mailboxes promising $35 million worth of riches.

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A multi-purpose fake online scanner

Just to show you that behind some PUPs there are threat actors that are too lazy to be bothered, we offer you a fake online scanner that was used to promote the infamous MacKeeper and a Windows system optimizer called Advance-System-Care.

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Free console games on Instagram? Not exactly…

Take a look at some fake “free game” sites found on Instagram. Anyone with children in their family who can’t get enough of freebies online may want to gently steer them away from the below. Everyone from PS4 to Nintendo gamers are potential targets.

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iPad error? Windows fakeout

This bogus error site can’t decide if Windows or an iPad is at risk. Given the URL, you’d expect to see some sort of iPad related shenanigans taking place – an interesting twist on the well worn theme of tech support scams.

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Soldiering on: the $5.6 million 419 scam

419 scams most commonly drop into your mailbox, but they do occasionally appear via other channels such as snail mail and social media. Today we’re going to take a look at an angle seemingly beloved of scammers everywhere – a specific character type clung to down the years for no other reason than to cheat people out of their money.

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