Tech Support Impostors Part II: Where are They Now?

Last October, our own Jerome Segura uncovered a tech support scam trading on Malwarebytes’ good name. So half a year later, what happened to the perpetrators?

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“BMW Lottery Department” 419 Spam

Steer clear of mails from the “BMW Lottery Department”…

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Steer clear of this latest fake iPhone discount news

With shady people continuing to bank on news related to Apple, users in the UK better watch out for more fake iPhone discount sites in the wild.

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A Look Back on Misleading Advertising

Ads redirecting to exploits pose a serious threat to anyone’s computing device. Let us not forget though that scammers have used ads long before malware actors. Enter fraud sites.

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Scammers Impersonate ISPs in New Tech Support Campaign

Scammers devise a new ploy to trick users into thinking their own ISP is warning them about malware.

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