New Flash Player zero-day used against Russian facility

An APT group is using a new Flash Player zero-day that was used a lure targeting a Russian-based clinic

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Drive-by download campaign targets Chinese websites, experiments with exploits

This custom made drive-by download attack targets some Chinese websites and their visitors while experimenting with exploits.

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Malvertising on Equifax, TransUnion tied to third party script (updated)

We take a look at the the recent malvertising incident that happened on Equifax’s site and show how it also affected TransUnion.

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Recent Flash Zero-Day Now Part of Exploit Kits

Exploit kits have added the latest Flash Player exploits to their arsenal.

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Another Hacking Team Flash Player 0day Uncovered (UPDATED)

This is the second Flash Player zero-day in a week and cyber-criminals are going to once again capitalize on it.

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Hacking Team Leak Exposes New Flash Player Zero Day

A new Flash Player zero-day has been uncovered from the Hacking Team archives.

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Recent Flash Player 0-day Exploit Goes Mainstream

Only a handful of days after it was patched, CVE-2015-3113 is being used in a mainstream exploit kit.

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