Do I have Malwarebytes or a tech support scam?

A lot of companies don’t make it all too clear who their tech support is. Given the wide variety in how legitimate companies handle their support, how can you tell the difference between tech support and a tech support scam? We point out how to differentiate us from a tech support scammer.

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Amazon third party sellers: A new threat

On Monday, the Wall Street Journal reported a wave of hijacked Amazon seller accounts that proceeded to fleece buyers for large sums of money. As reported here, attackers would use credentials harvested from other breaches to take over the account, then either simply redirect funds to their own deposit account or create lots of fake…

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GameStop customer data allegedly siphoned in possible breach

GameStop confirmed with KrebsOnSecurity that they are currently investigating reports of hackers breaching their network and siphoning customer information.

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Tech support scammers and their banking woes

We all know about tech support scams by this point. Unfortunately for the scammers, banks know this as well, making it quite difficult at times to maintain an account to store the criminal’s ill-gotten gains. So how does the enterprising criminal cash out with your money? Let’s take a look.

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Fake WhatsApp email comes as a billing alert

Recently, we have received a report from one of our readers on Facebook regarding another criminal-driven campaign targeting WhatsApp users. It comes in the form of a phishing email, which our reader has forwarded for us to look into.

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