Rogue Chrome extension pushes tech support scam

Google Chrome may be one of the more secure browsers but an increasing number of malicious extensions are being forced onto users. The one we analyze can hide itself and receive commands from a remote server in order to hijack the browser with incessant offers, fraud and even tech support scams.

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Clickjacking campaign abuses Google Adsense, avoids ad fraud bots

Ad fraud is a billion dollar problem for advertisers. When real users are tricked into clicking on ads they can’t even see, (almost) everyone loses.

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Malware taking advantage of Android OS exploits, again: Gooligan

Gooligan is a mobile malware targeting Android OS devices, many of which are susceptible to long known exploits, such as VROOT (CVE-2013-6282) and Towelroot (CVE-2014-3153).

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IT companies unite against illegal online hate speech

Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Microsoft have taken up the mantle to curb harmful speech on their platforms. The latest company to join this cause is Instagram, the popular image-sharing social media network among teens.

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A week in security (Sep 04 – Sep 10)

A compilation of notable security news and blog posts from September 4th to September 10th. This week, we talked about a fake Pokémon Go app, a Mac OSX junk app, and some new Google Safe Browsing updates.

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