Singapore government gets into the network defense game

Governments have been classically slow to adapt to digital realities. Singapore tries to break the mold with a new cybersecurity bill that tackles breaches, infrastructure, and reporting.

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Going dark: encryption and law enforcement

There’s been a lot of talk recently about encryption and how law enforcement can’t convict criminals without encryption keys. We beg to differ.

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More Dot-Gov Sites Found Compromised

Certain government sites from Taiwan and Ukraine were found compromised, serving up spammy, phishy and potentially malicious content.

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Philippine Government Site Infected with Spam Code

An online security repository of bad links has recently flagged the official website of the Department of Agriculture (Kagawaran ng Pagsasaka), which is owned and maintained by the Philippine government, as harbouring malware. We have determined that six pages, including the default page, have been injected with a Blackhat SEO spam code.

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Bad Timing: French Gov’t and Online Surveillance

Google caught several fake digital certificates spoofing its domains tracing back to the ANSSI, a French cyber-division.

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