Plugin vulnerabilities exploited in traffic monetization schemes

The latest round of vulnerable WordPress plugins leads to an active traffic monetization campaign via hacked websites.

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Luas data ransom: the hacker who cried wolf?

Irish tram firm Luas were recently compromised and told to pay 1 Bitcoin, or risk user data being fired into the void. The deadline for paying the ransom has now passed: So what happens next? And is anyone out there really at risk?

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Red Hen website suffers SEO spam compromise

A website belonging to an eatery currently making waves in the news has been compromised with SEO spam. We take a look at what’s happened, and explain what the hackers are up to.

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Deloitte breached by hackers for months

On September 25, 2017, Deloitte announced that they detected a breach of the firm’s global email server via a poorly secured admin email in March of this year. We go over the breach and provide suggestions for Deloitte’s cybersecurity clients.

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It’s a hard life for phishers

Phishing URL compromise is surprisingly common, as many phish pages are fully expected to have a short shelf life. Of course, having a site taken down isn’t the only thing making life difficult for phishers. As you’ll see, it’s often the least of their worries given the surprisingly plentiful ways people want to celebrate International Give a Phisher a Headache Day.

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Malvertisements on “Fappening” forum lead to Android Ransomware

A compromised nude leak forum, dubious adverts, Malvertising, Ransomware and more besides – this one has it all.

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Pizza, Pasta and Replica Watches

Feeling hungry? We have watches and the occasional handbag to tempt you with…

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DayZ in a Daze: Forum Breach Confirmed

DayZ comes under fire from hackers once again, with their forum taking some data theft body blows.

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Belinda Carlisle’s Official Website Hacked, Sports Viagra Banner

Famous musician + hacked website = a bad hair day for all.

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