Drive-by download campaign targets Chinese websites, experiments with exploits

This custom made drive-by download attack targets some Chinese websites and their visitors while experimenting with exploits.

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New-looking Sundown EK drops Smoke Loader, Kronos banker

In this post we take a quick glance at some changes made to the Sundown exploit kit. The landing page has been tweaked and uses various obfuscation techniques. Sundown is used in some smaller campaigns and in this particular case dropped a downloader followed by a banking Trojan.

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[Update] Video Saver PUP Blocks Search Provider changes

Video Saver PUP puts restrictions in place to block changing search provider settings in Internet Explorer.

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Recent Internet Explorer Vulnerability Exploited in The Wild

Angler EK exploits new Internet Explorer vulnerability.

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Critical bug allows drive-by download attacks in Internet Explorer 3 through 11

Patch Tuesday brings a slew of updates for your version of Windows, however one vulnerability in particular has been on the minds of users, maintainer and protectors for days. What is this vulnerability, how can it be used against you and what do you need to do to make sure it isn’t a problem in the future?

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