My precious: security, privacy, and smart jewelry

Fashionable and functional. These are the makings of smart jewelry. They aren’t secure, yet some are used to secure user data and online accounts. Should you still buy one?

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Explained: What is big data?

In our explained series, we talk about the impact of big data on our society. What is it, who uses it, and for what purposes?

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IoT domestic abuse: What can we do to stop it?

A disturbing new use of technology against loved ones has come to light: Internet of Things (IoT) domestic abuse cases are being reported, and security experts are wondering how best to tackle this new problem. What is it? And more importantly, what can we do to fight it?

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Researchers discover vulnerabilities in smart assistants’ voice commands

Security researchers have now found new ways to exploit voice recognition weaknesses in your favorite home device: smart assistants. You may want to listen in.

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The Internet of Everything and digital privacy: what you need to know

Statistics indicate within the next couple of years, there will be three IoT devices for every adult and child on the planet—IoT will truly be the Internet of Everything. So, should people be concerned about privacy and data security if these gadgets are always on and ready to transmit information? Let’s take a look.

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Internet of Things (IoT) security: what is and what should never be

Internet of Things technology may soon multiply in the billions. But security for these devices is practically non-existent. What needs to be done to secure IoT users now and in the future?

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FBI: Smart toys could harm children’s privacy and physical safety

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has recently issued a Public Service Announcement (PSA), encouraging consumers to think twice before purchasing internet-connected toys.

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New Mac backdoor using antiquated code

The first Mac malware of 2017 was discovered by an IT admin, who spotted some strange outgoing network traffic from a particular Mac. This led to the discovery of a new piece of malware unlike anything I’ve seen before and the first new piece of malware for the Mac in 2017.

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