Calendar spam on Apple systems

Update (12/13/2016): Apple has added a Report Junk link on, to allow you to report these spam events as junk. Use this feature to remove the events at this point. It is a good bet that Apple will add a similar option to the Calendar app on macOS and iOS in a future update….

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“Exclusive” Fallout 4 iOS Release Banished to the Wasteland

We take a look at an iOS app which claims to be an “exclusive” release of the recently released console and PC RPG Fallout 4.

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App Update Tool Could Endanger iOS Users

Some iOS developers are integrating an update library called JSPatch, used for delivering faster updates to their apps. That’s a great idea, but unfortunately, there are some serious security concerns involved.

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Security Tips & Tricks for the iPhone 6s/6s Plus

As part of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, here are tips to keep your new iPhone 6s secure.

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“GTA V for Mobile” Sites Lead to Surveys

Could it be that one of the biggest games on console and PC is now available on handheld devices?

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