Please don’t buy this: smart toys

Much like other IoT products, smart toys don’t have a great track record of protecting personal information, designing software according to industry best practices, and updating in a timely manner. Because of this, and despite your children’s protests, we suggest you please don’t buy this.

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The Internet of Everything and digital privacy: what you need to know

Statistics indicate within the next couple of years, there will be three IoT devices for every adult and child on the planet—IoT will truly be the Internet of Everything. So, should people be concerned about privacy and data security if these gadgets are always on and ready to transmit information? Let’s take a look.

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WPA3 will secure Wi-Fi connections in four significant ways in 2018

At CES this week, the Wi-Fi Alliance announced WPA3, the newest security protocol for Wi-Fi devices. WPA3 includes four new security capabilities and is the most significant upgrade to Wi-Fi security since 2004.

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Internet of Things (IoT) security: what is and what should never be

Internet of Things technology may soon multiply in the billions. But security for these devices is practically non-existent. What needs to be done to secure IoT users now and in the future?

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